Help I am HIV Positive and Want To Date! — A Easy Breezy Guide

Video on Dating advice and guide (including tips) on how to navigate muddy waters for people living with HIV.

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  1. john p
    August 13, 2013 at 5:14 pm · Reply

    Hey man, just watched your video on dating and being Poz and sand def say that I can relate. I’ve been HIV Poz for 2 years now, beginning stages very afraid to discuss this with anyone, couldn’t take meds because my mom or fam didn’t know. I just got the coverage as of Aug 10, 2013 to attempt to date again. hopefully all goes well with that search. But I think love is love regardless of status. I don’t believe in placing restrictions on on love, so good luck pat man, from one Poz guy to another, I’m here with and for you bro.

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