Need Your Ideas

So I apologize for being so delayed.  Between work, school, and being there for friends/family it has proven difficult to have a focused enough mind to give you good work.

I slept on it thinking about different blog topics and I think I discovered the perfect solution.  Now please do not think that I am lazy… I am far from it but like I have said before I do my blog and my youtube page because of you.  The best way for you to get the bang for you buck I believe would be to talk about a topic of your choice.  So here goes, select or type in a topic you would like for me to talk about and spread the word and have people vote.  By next Sunday I will choose the winner and have a topic for you by  mid-week.

So get out there and vote and may the odds be forever in your favor :).




  1. John Doe
    May 13, 2013 at 4:19 am · Reply

    I’d like to speak to you…dealing with acceptance issues…Will you email me?

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