Sinking in Quicksand

I think all of us reach a certain moment in our life when we are in a situation where we are stuck (relationship, work, mentally, physically, emotionally) yet we want to go move on to someone else but do to simple or complex reasons cannot.  In my previous entry I discussed my weird thought process of how life worked.  Well, in this special case this is when the situation we are in halts in time, waiting for us to make the much difficult move we are contemplating.

For me I am in a couple of different situations.  Ever since I was diagnosed with HIV I have made a promise to IMG_3901myself that I would not longer settle for the status quo.  This virus has placed me in a position to now see that life is so fragile and materialistic things are just that.  I told myself something that we should all tell ourselves, which is to spend more time growing ourselves.  For me I realized that I would not be in love nor comfortable with the person I am without taking the time to truly get acquainted with Patrick.  Everyone should at one/many point(s) know themselves and never be in a situation where they feel like they are a stranger to themselves.

Due to the time I took to get to know myself I finally know what is holding me in the quicksand.  The next step is coming up with a plan to get out of it. See quicksand is tricky because the more you move it in the more you sink; therefore, you have to make a quick and well planned moved to escape.  By using this comparison with my own life situations I know that being in a situation I do not see positive progress is only drowning me and my overall potential.  On top of that by dabbling in your situation that you are in by thinking “it will get better,” or “time will tell,” only makes you sink faster making it that much harder to leave when you finally make up our mind because you are so invested.

Being stuck sucks and it is not fun at all.  I dread waking up in the morning because I have to face the quicksand knowing that with each day that goes by it is sinking me.  It is very difficult to be a situation where you know you need to move on, yet stipulations or a sense of false-security entitles you to stay.  I for one am working on trying to have the strength to have conviction in my decisions.  If I want out then I will use 100 percent of my energy to exit stage left.  Please know that in whatever negative situation you are in can be resolved by you seeing what will get you out of the situation the fastest, keeping your head down and focused on your goal, and jumping out of that sand that is draining our life day by day.

A very close friend and confidant shared this quote with me today and I would like to share it with you.

“We have only this moment, sparking like a star in our hand…and melting like a snowflake.  Let us use it before it is too late.” – Marie Beynon


  1. December 24, 2012 at 4:02 pm · Reply

    Great metaphor…..

  2. December 25, 2012 at 5:09 pm · Reply

    great entry — very moving indeed! what a brave man!

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