The Mission Will Continue

“Throughout my tenure at FAHASS we have had phenomenal successes within our prevention department. We worked hard to receive funding through CAPUS, increased efficiency, seeing more diversity, increasing our visibility through HIV education and testing, creating and beginning the early implementation of our mobile testing and outreach initiative, and most importantly identifying more individuals living with HIV. Through focused outreach methods we are able to locate and confirm HIV-positive diagnosis so that we can successfully begin our linkage to care.

When I was diagnosed with HIV in 2011 my interactions and process through testing and actual linkage to care was the absolute most difficult and humiliating experience of my life. My current and long-term goals continue to encompass work toward all gender, racial, and MSM minorities who are affected by STIs (including HIV). I want to work to ensure quality, treatment, care, and more options for individuals throughout the continuum regardless of socioeconomic status and barriers. I have accepted a position with the Virginia Department of Health working in Northern Virginia as a Health Educator. I will continue to focus on increased cultural competence, sexual/health education, and utilizing the prevention tool-belt to help reduce the chances of individuals being infected with HIV.

As one of the first individuals many in our community will come across I am extremely grateful and blessed to be able to have the opportunity to support, educate, link, empower, and most importantly work to decrease STI infections among the most affected areas in our community. I will work hard to ensure my transition out will be smooth and seamless. I have valued the relationships I have made and grown while here at FAHASS and hope they will continue upon my departure. The work in our rural community is difficult; however, just know that it does not go unnoticed. Thank you for your commitment to working with individuals affected by HIV in our service area and beyond.” – Patrick Ingram

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    Well done sir, well done…..

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