The State Of Patrick

IMG_4111So today marks the first day in 2013 and in my mind I already know that there are big things in store for me and all of you reading this.  The key is that we have to fully understand our potential and really go after our dreams, needs, and overall wants.  Over the past year I have been through so much.  From my diagnosis, to losing people who I thought were suppose to be in my life, failed relationships (both romantic, friend, and work alike), and a feeling that even though things were going so great that I had hit a glass ceiling and I was just going to fall back to reality.

The days leading up to New Year’s Eve was very slow and relaxed. I am so happy and blessed as well to be able to make new friends who know about my status, read my blogs, and support me. I cannot explain how great it feels to finally feel as if my support system is finally closing up.  Prior to the next year I like to slow things down, reflect on the year, and begin to prepare for the next mentally and physically.  Also this year I opted to stay at home and relax and watch movies and just be a homebody (also to start the process of saving money and being more cost conscious- I will get to that in a bit).  So with the new year approaching I have set up my budget, come up with an action plan, and have cleared my mind of all negative thoughts to the best of my ability.  Everyone should always re-evauluate everything they have dealt with in the past year and work on coming up with a plan to improve upon.  We should all be seeking self-improvement always because it is essential in our development.

So you are probably wondering what my plans are for the new year, I promise I will definitely not disappoint so here it is… In 2013 I plan to be:

1. To be the best person I can be.

2. Be stronger and richer financially, emotionally, physically, and all other imaginable aspects.

3.  Work on getting my face out to the world (entertainment and news industry) to show that being open and disclosing one’s HIV status does not limit me (this may prove difficult but I will fight like hell with my blogs, vlogs, and starting the conversation to get results).

4.  Make friends and family a priority and be there for them.

5.  Hold on to the honest friends I have made and let the weak links go.

6. Never give up

7. Get with an organization where my skills and talents will help the LGBTQ, HIV/AIDS, and/or youth.

8.  Be a more independent individual

Overall my goal is simply this, to know that I have a higher calling and that this will be the year that I will make the changes necessary to being this journey.  For those who want to be apart of the ride are always welcome; however, for those who do not intend to support me or be on my side will be left out of something amazing.

I know I have the strength to make this happen but any support from my friends, family, follow, admirers, etc will help.  Like I said before, life is full of ups and downs so I really do hope that on down days I can look to the future and also your support.  With that said let’s make 2013 the year and the start of great things.


Cheers to an awesome 2013 and beyond!


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